Sunday, February 28, 2016


With the theme of Project by The Sea, this project was created during foundation year named Tangible. The sculpture aims to make the intangible tangible. Capturing the moment as the wind encircle and how it forms the shape of the rock.
I believe that this building is as recongnizable as the symbol of Mcdonald's to architecture students. One of the masterpiece of Frank Lloyd Wright, Fallingwater, is seen as the best example of American architecture. The sense of soaring in all directions, defying the law of gravity and the harmonious relationship with natural surroundings embodies its great value. Though there are tongs of great out there, this architecture is still my favourite one, for its undoubted status to mid-century architecture and the perfect encounter between natural surroundings and building. 
This photo was took years ago when I started my foundation study. The sense of vitality and vibrance attracted me in the first place.
tension, roar, dynamic
dancer, bloom, mellow
desire, duplicate, mild 

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